Why Choose Pure Florida Watersports?

Natalie and Derick doing what they love!

With paddling becoming an increasingly growing sport in our state, and Pasco County recently being dubbed as the “Sport Coast,” Kayaking in Central Florida is booming. Major retail stores like Rural King, Walmart, and Dicks Sporting Goods are catching wind of this, and stocking their shelves with cost-appealing kayaks to entice an impulse buy….

Pure Florida WaterSports is no ordinary kayak/paddling shop;
We are a family owned business with a long standing and strong background behind paddling, fishing, safety, and education. Derick and Natalie have a combined of over 25+ years experience in the industry and are very familiar with all of the variety of kayaks on the market. Their combined expertise not only derives from experience on the water, but also includes social media, radio, magazines, commercials, tv shows, and much more. Derick is an ACA Certified Instructor, Kayak Fishing Charter Guide, and Captain for years, (formerly known as PhatFish Kayak Charters.)

Given this combined knowledge and experience, we have created an exclusive, full outfitting paddling shop that genuinely cares about our community. We have personally tested, used, and utilized every product in our shop, and have hand picked everything you will see. We believe in our products and services, (Fishing Charters, Eco-Tours, repairs, events, etc.) And believing in your products is imperative to giving top notch service and information when choosing the right kayak and/or accessories to suit your needs.

We treat all of our customers like family, and definitely strive to give the best customer experience in our shop as possible. We are all about passing on safety and knowledge, especially with the daunting task of helping a consumer to choose the right kayak and products. There are too many non-reliable options that the market is saturated with, and We feel that kayaks and gear are true investments, and want you to have the best experience on the water as possible. So we will utilize our knowledge to the max in order to help advise the best choices for each and every individual’s circumstances.

To give back to the community and our awesome supporters, we host free clinics, fly tying nights, and events specialized for female paddlers as well!
This is what separates us from the rest…we genuinely care!
Our family depends on your happiness with our products and services.
We sell what we believe in.
We strive to give the best advice and tips as possible.
We are here because we truly live for this!!
….Not many shop owners can say that!
So this is why you should choose Pure Florida WaterSports before any one else!

Written By- Natalie Manrique

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