When Will People Most Likely to Cheat?

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Several articles discuss the signs of cheating, the reasons why people cheat, and whether forgiveness is warranted after cheating.

A strange study

However, a new study from 2016 takes a different look at cheating and adultery. When do people typically make the choice to cheat?

Most people cheat at 39!

At age 39, infidelity rates double, as reported by Illicit Encounters, a dating website catering to married people.

What study says?

What they found out "If the site's users were drawn at random, there would have been 18% more chances of 9-enders registered.

Why people cheat?

According to the company's representative, "According to our findings, some individuals cheat to gain their partner's interest.''

If their partner is a workaholic or unavailable, being caught with another person is a way to say, "If you love me, pay attention to me!"

To gain attention!

However, this report should be taken with a grain of salt due to the potential for bias on the part of Illicit Encounters, which funded the study.

Whether people betray at 39 or not, and for whatever reason, such as a midlife crisis, the fact that they chose to cheat and destroy their relationship remains.

Cheating is destroying!

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