What Is Cupiosexuality?

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Cupiosexuality, which falls under the umbrella of asexuality, is a little-known term in the sexuality realm. So, what exactly is cupiosexuality?

What is it?

A cupiosexual is someone who desires close relationships but experiences no sexual attraction to others.

Although cupiosexuality has only been around for a short time, it is beginning to be discussed in relation to asexuality.

It's Flag

The pride flag of the cupiosexual community consists of four horizontal stripes in the colors grey, blue, white, and pink.

Meaning of colors

Asexuality and greysexuality are symbolized by the color grey. And bluish-purple symbolizes community.

White may represent allosexuality since cupiosexuals still seek sexual relationships. Pink symbolizes sex and relationships.

How a person feels in it?

Cupiosexuality is characterized by a lack of sexual desire for other people but a deep need for social connection through physical intimacy and sexual acts.

Its opposite term!

Cupiosexuality's opposite is orchidsexuality. Orchidsexuals experience sexual attraction but don't want a sexual relationship.

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