What Happens After Death? 9 Theories!

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1) The simulation theory

What if death is programmed? According to the simulation theory, our lives are nothing more than numbers in the video game of a more powerful being.

2) The Rastafarian theory

Rastafarians believe that life will continue indefinitely. People only perish because they refuse to do what is right. As a result, funerals are not particularly important.

3) The never-ending life theory

This states that when you die, you immediately resurrect, but you have no memory of the life you just lived.

4) The cosmic theory

According to cosmic theory, our minds, not our bodies, are a part of the universe. When you die, your mind returns to the universe.

5) The Buddhist theory

Buddhists believe that after death, people reincarnate. After death, you can reincarnate as a god, a demi-god, a human, an animal, or a ghost.

6) The parallel universe theory

According to this theory, when we die, we will still be in the same universe, but in a different location and time.

7) The dream theory

According to the dream theory, when we die, we simply awaken from a long, vivid, and complex dream. to pinch oneself.

8) The Aztec theory

Fallen soldiers and dying mothers transformed into hummingbirds that follow the sun. Mictlan's deaths were "less glorious." Tlalocan received victims of drowning.

9) Plato's theory

According to Plato, death is merely the passage from one life to the next; it is not the end of the journey.

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