Signs That Your Date Is Not Ready To Commit Yet!

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1) They think you as better

People use the phrase "I am not worthy of you" to boost a person's self-esteem. It is a way to build you up while also planting the seed of your departure.

Consider it a sign of a narcissist and a manipulative technique, and decide whether you'd rather direct your attention elsewhere.

2) Not clear about future plans

If a person does not anticipate a long-term relationship with you, they may be hesitant to book a future trip to Italy or concert tickets with you.

This can appear as if a person responded, "Yes, that sounds great," without adding, "Let's schedule this for next Saturday."

3) They're inconsistent

They will be open and vulnerable with you one day, then evasive, flippant, and unable to discuss their own emotions the next.

If you make numerous plans one week and none the next, you may be experiencing this issue. Even the excuse "I'm too busy" would suffice.

4) You feel good together but not alone

If you're constantly worried about the future of the relationship but still enjoy the dates, this is a red flag.

Again, you may brush this off on occasion by stating that the person is busy. However, if you don't feel like a priority between dates, you probably aren't.

5) They say they need to find themselves

We sometimes combine a prospective partner's desire to know themselves with a growth attitude, which can be an attractive trait.

However, this may be a sign that the person is not prepared for a long-term partnership or future planning.

6) They always ready for next party

If your dates consist solely of parties, cocktail hours, or other social gatherings, your potential partner may not be ready for a long-term commitment.

We need to know the other person well and have the other person know us well for a connection to flourish. One-on-one interactions are required.

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