Ranking Neatest To Messiest Zodiac Signs!

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Virgos are the neatest astrological sign. Virgos are organized, logical, and observant, according to Culture Astrology.


Taurus is the second most impressive zodiac sign on the astrological chart. Taurians are described as stubborn, but also grounded and efficient, by USA Today.


Your favorite Capricorn is probably your cleanest friend or loved one. Capricorns are practical, resourceful, patient, and disciplined.


Scorpios are neat, but not as organized as Capricorns, Taureans, and Virgos. Scorpios prioritize avoiding stress, according to The Times of India.


Cancers are known for their tidiness when it comes to their personal spaces. The fact that Cancers are always seeking solace is likely a major factor.


Librans, in general, keep their homes in pristine condition because they enjoy the aesthetic value of a well-organized space.


BestLife claims that Arian natives have a reputation for being some of the zodiac's dirtiest people because they are always too busy to keep their living spaces tidy.


Aquarians are clean but don't always prioritize it. Aquarians are progressive, independent, freethinkers, says ZodiacSign.com.


Geminis aren't known for their organization. Co-star calls Geminis charismatic, funny, and unreserved.


Leos are among the messiest zodiac signs. Leos are creative, warm-hearted, and happy, says ZodiacSign.com.


Piscean is in this frame of mind, they lose interest in tidying up their surroundings and putting their belongings in order.


A Sagittarian might roll their eyes at you if you tell them to tidy up. Sagittarians enjoy adventure, physical activity, and making the most of every day.

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