Pros & Cons of Being A Night Owl!

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1) Good - More Productive

Although early birds and night owls both start the workday with similar performance, night owls ultimately accomplish more.

2) Good - They Work better even after 10 hours

An hour after waking, the behavior of early birds and night owls is identical. Night owls outperform morning people 10 hours after waking.

3) Good - They may be more intelligent

The intelligence of late-risers has been extensively researched. According to an LSE study, the brightest students had later bedtimes and wake times.

4) Good - More Creative

According to a study conducted by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, people who stay up late are more creative.

5) Good - More Focused

Night owls have been shown to have longer attention spans and higher levels of concentration than their morning bird counterparts.

1) Bad - Sleep Deprivation

Staying up late and getting up early for work puts a night owl at risk of sleep deprivation.

2) Bad- Social Life Disrupted

For night owls, the disruption of family and social life is a significant disadvantage. This is primarily because they are following the opposite regimen.

3) Bad- It's Too Quiet

Every breath and movement is accentuated. When preparing a midnight snack in the kitchen, you don't want to disturb your roommates or family members.

4) Bad- They Are More Depressed

Depression is the most prevalent symptom of mental instability in night owls. The term "social jet lag" is used to describe this condition.

5) Bad- Health Issues

When the nighttime sleep cycle of the brain is disrupted, the body becomes exhausted. Stress results in irregular heartbeats.

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