Perfect Emoji For Each Zodiac Sign!

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Aries: Fiery Heart

When something ignites a fire in your heart, whether it's your dream job or your dream person, almost nothing can stop you from pursuing it until it's yours.

Taurus: Houseplant

Taurus, you appreciate the outdoors for more than just your earthy nature alone. You're a lot like a houseplant in that you need a specific environment to flourish.

Gemini: Butterfly

Was there another emoji that made sense for the zodiac's social butterfly? You're always on the go, juggling a variety of hobbies and social groups.

Cancer: Crescent Moon

Cancer, you're a bit of an enigma. Your emotions are strong, and as a result, you tend to make big decisions based on your feelings.

Leo: Microphone

Nothing can stop you from flaunting your self-assurance and speaking your mind, whether in the workplace or in social situations.

Virgo: Stack of Books

Virgo, you're more than just the zodiac's perfectionist—you're amazing in your own right. You are dedicated to your goals and will not be deterred by setbacks.

Libra: Disco Ball

While it's true that you're the zodiac's peacemaker, your appreciation for harmony and equilibrium likely stems in part from your penchant for having a good time.

Scorpio: Crystal Ball

You're very secretive, Scorpio. Others may view you as mysterious and brooding, but you know what you want.

Sagittarius: Bullseye

You have an unyielding belief in your own abilities and the power of hard work and focus to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

Capricorn: Diamond

You might not be as outspoken or confident as some other signs, but you carry an air of unspoken authority with you wherever you go.

Aquarius: Flying Saucer

Possessing a broad perspective and a willingness to shake things up in order to see positive change, you take satisfaction in following your own path.

Pisces: Unicorn

Pisces, you are the zodiac's artistic dreamer. You are the most compassionate of all signs because you see everything through the lens of feelings and emotions.

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