How Much To Tip At A Nail Salon?

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It can be difficult to figure out how much to tip at the nail salon, and you can't concentrate on getting your manicure.

It is customary in the United States to tip service workers such as nail technicians. Because they rely on tips for a living, always tip your manicurist or pedicurist.

The Industry Standard

The industry standard for tipping a nail technician is 15 to 20% of the total price, but this varies greatly across countries, locations, and salons.

How much should you tip for a $50 pedicure, for example? Depending on your level of satisfaction, you should leave a standard tip of $7.50, a good tip of $10, or a generous tip of $13.

Minimum Tip

Leave a tip of at least $5 if you can. If you're only shelling out $20 for a new manicure and pedicure, you might want to leave a $5 tip.

How to calculate?

Your tip should be calculated based on the full price of the service you received, not the discounted amount you paid with a coupon, discount, or gift card.

Feel free to leave a review for your nail tech on review sites if you're pleased with the service you received. Even more so than cash, this can be of great use to a salon.


Tip your regular nail technician the same amount you would for a regular salon visit during the holidays. Put the money and a message in an envelope.

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