Are You Being Love Bombed? These Signs Will Confirm!

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1) Lots of Expensive Gifts

This is a love bomb when your significant other gives you an extravagant gift and reveals its cost.

These presents are the epitome of love bombing. It could be a limited edition of a favorite book. Not a jewelry from a mall, but Tiffany & Co.

2) Getting Lots of Attention

When you wake up to SMS every morning praising you, what was once nice and endearing becomes excessive.

They inform you by text and in person that you are their soulmate and that they must be with you forever.

3) Extreme expectations from you

Since they lavish you with gifts and praise and prioritize you in their lives, they want you to reciprocate.

A love bomber is someone whose neediness makes you feel guilty for not always being with them.

4) Being Smothered

You will be suffocated by constant communication, presents, flattery, and dependence. Essentially, you cannot avoid them.

They may threaten to leave the relationship, claiming that you do not value it, or to harm you, their loved ones, or themselves.

5) Relationship evolving fast

Once you've gone on a few dates with someone, word quickly spreads across their social circles. How?

If you're not ready, love bombers won't listen. Your wants are secondary to theirs. They are always disregarding what you want.

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