9 Signs Confirming You Are In Fantasy Relationship!

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1) You dream about them all time

Your imagination will continuously conjure up situations in which you're in a relationship with the person you're attracted to and you're both happy.

2) You Feel Nervous

A physical manifestation of a fantasy relationship is anxiousness while waiting for a call or text. You might feel anxious and sweaty before you even start talking to them.

3) Feeling like hero in relationship

In your fantasies, the person you seek is in danger, and you come to his rescue as a hero, causing him to fall in love with you at first sight.

4) Stalking Them

There is intense sexual desire in a fictional relationship. Getting away from him is impossible. To get to know him better, just hang out in places he usually visits.

5) You think them as 'Soulmate'

In your mind, they are perfect for you and your life together is destined to be blissful forever. As soon as you meet them, you can't help but adore them.

6) You See Them As Faultless

To the extent that your partner is perfect in your eyes and they never do anything to disappoint you, you may be in a dream relationship.

7) You feel jealous of others liking them

In a made-up connection, jealousy is a major factor. If other people find them beautiful, you will feel tremendous jealousy.

8) You look for clues

Regarding your fictional connection, you are constantly attempting to read between the lines. Each of their words and actions causes you to search for hidden meanings.

9) You cannot accept 'breakup'

If your "relationship" ends, you yearn to see them again. You have a terrible connection with them and yearn for their acceptance, attention, and affection.

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