4 Big Signs Indicating Your Lover Is Bored With You!

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1) Only You Initiate Talks

One-sided communication is all too easy to overlook. You may believe you are conversing with your partner, but every interaction is initiated by you.

If you suspect this, stop starting conversations and see if your spouse does as well. If they aren't interested in your life, it's time to have a serious conversation.

2) They're always on phone

When we are bored, we are more prone to getting sidetracked. If your lover is constantly fiddling with their phone, you can bet they're bored with you.

If you put on a movie and your significant other is on their phone scrolling through social media, they are not emotionally present with you.

3) They get frustrated with you

If your partner is becoming increasingly irritable with you over trivial matters, it could be an indication of boredom.

When we become bored with someone, we put up walls and lose empathy. This makes it difficult for us to be tolerant of others.

4) You also feel bored with them

Surprisingly, boredom could be a sign that your partner is bored in the relationship as well. The sentiments of one partner often reflect those of the other.

As a couple, you can solve the problem of boredom in your relationship by working together to find new and exciting things to do.

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