HOLDFast 6″ Paddle Grips 2 Pack (Black or Pink)


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Reduce hand fatigue with Improved Grip! Micro-Finger technology that enables less fatigue with a better grip

*Easy to Apply; adhesive that easily bonds to clean surfaces.

Easy apply liner to ensure ease of application

*Performance & Durability

Proven gripping power improvements in dry/wet/oily environments

Durability exceeding leather

High performance adhesive with high shear and peel strength


color options and designs and scalable to other applications



HoldFast Grips contain thousands of micro-fingers designed to help reduce fatigue, blisters, and slippage by enhancing grip in both wet and dry environments. They assist in hand placement and comfort, from extremely hot to extremely cold paddle shaft temperatures, and have UV protection to avoid cracking, drying, or fading. Their serpentine finger design was created to prevent the ends from fraying or peeling. HoldFast Grips have easy removal with very little to no residue! The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive easily bonds to clean surfaces with long term durability. NOTE: Before applying your grip, clean your paddle shaft with mild soap and water, then let shaft dry COMPLETELY before application. Allow minimum of 24 hours for adhesive to set. Less Fatigue with a Better Grip!




  • Contains two ~6″ paddle grips to assist with hand placement & comfort
  • Perfect for Kayaking, Canoeing, and other water sport paddles with 1″ – 1 1/8″ shaft diameter
  • This paddle accessory provides more efficient paddling and helps to prevent blisters and calluses
  • Our grips have thousands of tiny, soft, flexible gel-like fingers to provide better grip
  • Made in the USA