A Special Treat!

Derick had an awesome day on the water guiding both Jacob and his best friend, Chris out on a ½ day kayak fishing adventure. Jacobs plan was to surprise Chris with the trip and hopefully get him on something nice.
First stop exposed some juvenile Tarpon in the 5-10 pound range. After numerous shots with no takers Derick decided to hit the open flats. That’s where it all happened. The tide started to roll in bringing tons of bait with it. Birds began to dive, Mullet became active and we even started seeing a few Sharks. Wasn’t long after that Chris hooks up with a nice Snook. After many jumps and even wrapping itself around the Yakstick before Derick got his hands on it for the landing!

Congrats, Chris!

This was Chris’s first Snook and a respectable one at that. It measured in at 26.5” and was in very good shape.
On they went cruising the flats in search of another taker. The flat was splattered by small schools of Reds and Snook but were too stubborn to eat.

It wasn’t until Jacob and the crew were headed back when his rod suddenly doubled over as the reel began to scream! Then, all of sudden Chris was hooked up as well but it didn’t last too long. A nice Snook breached itself while quickly spitting out the hook. Going back to the Cobia, Jacob was still working hard on landing it and scratching Ling from his bucket list. Mission accomplished!


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